Delivery costs for orders in the Netherlands 4.95 EUR and to Belgium 7.95 EUR. Bulk orders and other countries will be priced individually.

Delivery on the next day or up to 48 hours. Some products up to 5 business days.

After placing the order, when payment is done, an email with an invoice and confirmation is sent, then we will complete the order as soon as possible and send it to You.

Yes, invoice is sent via e-mail together with order confirmation.


Payment is collected immediately after placing the order.

  • Wishlist allows users to store any particular item in his list. And can use this list for future purchase.
  • It Saves customers time because the person doesn’t have to search for the product next time he visits the website.
  • He/She can get discount offer on that particular product.
  • Customer can share the wishlist with the friends and relatives.

If you receive the wrong product, please contact us immediately for exchange.

If the product or package is damaged, please contact the post office or courier company.

Cancel within 30 minutes of placing the order.

You can make changes in the order for an hour after placing the order.