IKO NEDERLAND Thick Combat Shorts


IKO NEDERLAND Thick Combat Shorts

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IKO NEDERLAND/FIGHTZONE COMBAT THICK SHORTS from SMMASH are professional clothing for martial arts. Great as sports shorts for men for KARATE, KICKBOXING,MMA, BJJ, grappling, krav maga training. They can be used as universal training shorts for the gym and for cross-training.

Material features and benefits:

▪ The material is strong and resistant to abrasion, making it suitable for use in the gym, in the field and in contact with exercise equipment.

▪ The fabric is dyed using a modern nanoparticle sublimation method, therefore the colors are abrasion resistant and 40% more intense than traditional methods.

Practical features and benefits:

▪ A special waistband prevents slipping and rotating during workouts.

▪ VELCRO fastener with double bonding and resin base, guaranteeing over 10,000 times fastening.

▪ A reinforced quadruple SPIDER’S STEEL seam was used, up to 140% more resistant to abrasion than other fibers.

Hygienic features and benefits:

▪ The fabric contains SILVER IONS fibers with bacteriostatic properties, effectively suppressing odor.

▪ Eco-friendly ECO INK does not cause allergies and skin irritations and is safe for children.

Composition: 100% polyester

Grammage: 160 g/m2

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